Prices and Free Home Assessment

The price of installing a water softener can depend on the water hardness in your area, the amount of water you use, your existing plumbing set up and where you would like to locate the softener inside or outside your home.

In most cases it is neat and convenient to locate the softener in the kitchen, in a cupboard under or near to the sink, but the best location may depend on your needs and the existing plumbing facilities in your home. Whatever your needs, we aim to install your softener in a discreet place with no visible pipework. In homes where space is at a real premium a softener can even be installed in a box outside.

We are happy to visit you at your home to assess the practicalities of installing a softener. In our experience this really is helpful and saves you time, so we’re happy to provide this service for free and with no obligation.

This is generally straightforward, involving a brief inspection of your plumbing to confirm that a softener can be installed and to assess the simplicity of installation. We can then advise on the possible locations for the right softener for you and be able to give you a simple price. Of course we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the benefits and practicalities of water softeners.