Repairs and servicing

A modern, high quality, non-electric water softener is built to last and should require no routine servicing, which is why we guarantee our softeners for 10 years.

Some older models can occasionally benefit from a service. We service and repair most water softeners, including older models, whether or not they were purchased from us. Other brands we are happy to help with include Harvey, Kinetico, Minimax, Dualflo, Crown.

We may also be able to offer helpful advice on electric/timer-based water softeners, although you may feel there is less value in repairing some of these softeners. Common electric/timer brands include BWT, Hague, Ecowater, Tapworks, and many more.

If you are experiencing problems with your softener then please give us a call on 0118 9344485 or fill out the form on our contact page giving the key details of the problem.