We sell TwinTec water softeners, which are manufactured in the UK, specifically to address the hardness conditions found here and to ensure compatibility with UK plumbing conventions for neat, simple installations. For a short description of the benefits please visit our key facts page.

The TwinTec S4 is the state of the art TwinTec softener.

It operates a dual cylinder, duplex parallel flow system, which delivers a high flow rate of water to your home (up to 56 litres per minute). This will help ensure that you don't experience the classic problem of the shower flow cutting out when someone turns on a tap or flushes a toilet elsewhere in your home, which you may have experienced with a lower quality softener.

It is efficient and compact so that it can be sited in any number of convenient locations within your home; typically under your kitchen sink.

It requires no electricity, no programming, no maintenance and needs to make no assumptions about your pattern of water usage. It simply provides a continuous flow of soft water to your taps and appliances all day, every day.

We are so confident in its performance and reliability that we guarantee the TwinTec for 10 years and provide a 2 year labour guarantee, provided personally by us but supported by the manufacturer.

But beware - not all water softeners are the same - to find out why please visit our key facts page or our two cylinders are better than one explanation for a more detailed understanding.

Dimensions of the TwinTec:

Width = 20.5 cm

Height = 49 cm

Depth = 44 cm

We also sell water softeners for commerciall uses. Given that water usage varies significantly between different types and scales of business operations it is important for us to understand a little about your needs before we can offer any truly meaningful advice. So please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss your needs and the softening options available to you.